Win/loss ROI calculator image
Many prospective clients are surprised at how easy it is to build a business case for a win/loss program. Simply put, if a company with a direct sales force has enough competitive deals per quarter to support a win/loss program at all, then the costs of running a win/loss program are peanuts compared to the amount of additional revenue the company can generate as a result.

You can use this win/loss ROI calculator spreadsheet to help you do the math. It computes the net present value of the proposed program over 1-4 years based on a series of assumptions that you can enter to tailor the business case for your company.

Click here for the PSP Win/Loss ROI Calculator.

The model is best suited for companies in the "early to late adopter" phases of product market maturity, when an established category has emerged and rival vendors are competing vigorously for market share. For startups or established companies with new products in early markets, the model breaks down because you won't have a baseline of competitive performance. In this situation, win/loss is more a strategic decision simply because the value of market intelligence is strategic, and its cost of a necessarily small win/loss program is marginal compared to the overall goals of the enterprise.