Peer-level Interviews

We only use executive-level interviewers with requisite technical and business domain knowledge to conduct interviews of your customers. Senior-level decision-makers respond to and appreciate the meaningfulness and efficiency of our peer-level interviews. A consultative, peer-to-peer style puts our respondents at ease and encourages them to talk freely about their experiences with an equal.

Blind, Anonymous Interviews

Anonymous interviewing encourages respondents to speak freely. We conduct both blind and non-blind interviews. Wherever possible, we recommend the use of blind and anonymous interviews because they are the most objective source of customer opinion available. With respondent permission, we record the interview and you get a verbatim transcript of what was said. It’s as if you were a fly on the wall, listening to two executives discuss the detailed reasons why they picked you or your competitor.

Patented Analytics

PSP analytics not only unambiguously identify the statistically significant reasons for wins and losses, they can forecast the revenue impact of competitive changes in the future—and help you optimize the competitive impact of your product and marketing investment.