Ken Schwarz

Managing Principal

Ken manages all aspects of peer interviews and win/loss analysis for high technology clients. Ken draws from his 25 years of experience in enterprise IT sales, marketing, product development, and service delivery at HPE/SimpliVity, Pegasystems, GE Digital, and Progress Software.

Richard Case


With over 30 years of experience, Richard H. Case is an expert in the field of high-tech market research. A former Gartner Vice President, Richard created PSP Enterprises to directly address the shortfalls in the industry. By using IT professionals and leveraging his own decades of knowledge, Richard H. Case has redefined market research in a way that leads to direct, actionable results.

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Hugh Taylor

Research Director

Hugh Taylor is a 25-year enterprise technology veteran with expertise in cloud computing, security, streaming media, collaboration tools, software development tools, social computing, and enterprise architecture. His career spans sales and marketing roles at venture-based startups, product management and public relations at Microsoft and IBM, and independent marketing content consulting and writing for such clients as SAP, Oracle, Google, HPE, Microsoft, Intel, AMD and Lockheed-Martin.

Derek Little

Research Director

Derek Little has over 25 years of experience in B2B sales, marketing, and research. He began his career selling technology products, then transitioned to marketing and consulting. Derek guides his clients to improved competitiveness through win/loss consulting and specializes in the creation of content that leverages his research findings, improving lead conversions and sales win-rates.

Mary Case


Mary ensures the preparation of error-free, consistent, and high-quality transcripts for all PSP interviews. Every PSP interview transcript is reviewed three times by two professionals in order to correct all transcription errors and redact confidential information.