Build a better playbook with competitive engagement intelligence. Coach teams to replicate winning strategies, disarm competitive landmines and FUD, and better qualify best-fit opportunities.


Get unbiased customer feedback, not conjecture. In a world of limited resources, prioritize actions and align teams around initiatives that will improve your win rate and grow revenue.

 Product Marketing

Know the mind of the customer. Focus competitive product and messaging strategy, marketing content, and sales enablement on the concerns customers care about most.


Know exactly who buys, how they buy, and why they buy--and direct marketing dollars that deliver better pipeline, higher win rates and revenue growth for the company.


PSP finds out how and why your customers make their competitive decisions and shows you the specific actions that will help you win more business in the future. Lost deals are expensive. Our clients report 10-30% improvements in win-rates by focusing marketing on their strongest suits, implementing sales tactics that counter competitors’ claims, and closing product gaps that cause lost deals. What can win/loss do for your business? Contact us now for a free consultation.