What we do

Independent win/loss interviews: your most objective source of customer feedback

We interview decision makers who have made a recent competitive purchase in a high-tech market segment.

We determine the buyer's key decision criteria and how the competing vendors stacked up against the criteria. We find out how customers make their decisions and WHY the customers rated vendors as they did.

We always use executive-level interviewers to conduct interviews of your customers. Our confidential, peer-level interviews put them at ease and get them to speak openly. You get a "fly on the wall" perspective as two executives discuss the detailed reasons why the customer picked you or your competitor. Our systematic analysis of these results identifies the actions you can take to improve your competitive win-rate.

PSP Enterprises guarantees that all company and respondent answers are completely confidential and that neither the respondent’s names nor any company’s name will be published in any analysis. All answers are held in confidence.

What we do