Quantitative Analysis

Our analysis of interviews in aggregate identifies the statistically significant factors causing wins and losses, and identifies the most important actions you can take to improve your competitive win-rate.

Using the Win/Loss Wizard, Dashboard, and Battle Plan charts shown below, you can understand and unambiguously present the issues that matter to customers and what actions you can take to improve future outcomes. Your best insights and strongest arguments for action come from the combination of this statistical analysis with customer quotes that exemplify the findings. Our reports and presentations assemble these charts with related customer commentary into packages suitable for sharing with different levels of your organization.


The Wizard Chart shows you the reasons for wins and losses and their relative importance for deals in aggregate. The most important issues appear in the upper-right and upper-left corners of the chart. Statistical confidence is indicated by the color intensity of the dot.

Wizards Charts can show all wins and losses, or a slice of the landscape by looking at a period in time, competitor, region, product line, or any combination. In addition, the Wizard Chart can quantify the revenue potential of addressing a reason for losses.


The Dashboard combines multiple Wizard Charts in a single graph. Use the Dashboard to detect trends in reasons for wins and losses across time, and to compare and contrast performance by region, product line, etc.


The Battle Plan is a simplified Wizard Chart intended for executive presentations. It isolates the top reasons for winning and losing and focuses on key actions to improve your win-rate in the future.