PSP's research methodology combines peer-level interviewing with patented analytics to provide insight into the reasons why business is won and lost at the individual deal level and in aggregate.

We only use executive-level interviewers to conduct interviews of your customers. Our peer-level interviewers put executives at ease and get them to talk.

Anonymous interviewing encourages respondents to speak freely. We conduct both blind and non-blind interviews. Wherever possible, we recommend blind and anonymous interviews to remove potential customer bias. When we conduct blind interviews, we present ourselves as market researchers and ask respondents for their help in our work. When we conduct non-blind interviews, we introduce ourselves as working for our client and proceed with the interview.

Before contacting customers, we work with you to create custom questionnaires specifically for your products or services. Our questionnaires probe the issues you want to understand in depth, while preserving the flexibility to speak about unanticipated concerns.

We secure the respondent’s permission to record the interview for analysis purposes, and produce a verbatim transcript of that conversation with an executive summary of key comments.

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