Interview Transcripts

For each interview, you receive an executive summary of key issues with supporting customer quotes, a quantitative criteria analysis, and the full verbatim transcript. The verbatim transcript shows you the full context of customer statements. Transcript Reports and Recordings (when approved) provide you with a unique fly-on-the-wall perspective. 

Verbatim transcripts are compiled and delivered in a timely manner, helping you take action as soon as possible. We identify key issues and customer comments in an executive summary, as well as a quantitative analysis of the criteria for the decision made in each interview transcript. We also provide transcript-translation services (when necessary) so that your data isn’t limited by a language barrier.

An industry expert determines WHY customers scored vendor as they did by identifying 1) the criteria used for a decision; 2) the importance of each criteria; and 3) the rating of each vendor for these criteria.

Every transcript is edited by a person knowledgeable in the industry to assure quality and proofread at least three times before you get it.

Click here to download an example interview transcript.