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09 Jan

Link to recorded 1/9/2024 Boston Product Management Association session is HERE.

Product managers need to understand target users and why they make the decisions they do. Do you know the real reasons you win or lose major pieces of business? In this session, we looked at how to interview customers, find out how and why they made the decisions that they did, and turn the results into a reliable and repeatable model for roadmap planning and business improvement. We covered:

  1. Why do win/loss and what customers and sales reps can and can’t tell you.
  2. How to identify the best customers to call.
  3. Interviewing approaches and tradeoffs (blind vs. non-blind; anonymous vs. attributed; etc.)
  4. How to prepare a questionnaire that covers all the points without making you read from a script.
  5. How to get both the quantitative data and color commentary needed to prioritize findings and drive concrete actions.
  6. A way to forecast revenue impact of prospective competitive changes in the market—yours or those of your competitors.
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